Deja Voodoo EP


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  • Déjà Voodoo Zine/EP

    Very limited edition 12 page Zine/4-track EP.

    Handmade by QD (Quang Dinh).

    Tracks include:
    1. Train (I'm Coming Home)
    2. The Little Things
    3. The Current
    4. Chanson #5

    Zine Includes:

    The Zine is disposable, recyclable and edible.

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released December 25, 2015



all rights reserved


MOONLOVER Melbourne, Australia


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Track Name: Train (I'm Coming Home)
Winter is melting everyday
Springtime it ain't so far away
The old sun will soon give me a sign
To ride back to the end of the line

I'm coming home babe

This time I won't let it happen again
Oh yeah, I'm riding that whistling train
Blank stares all looking into their dreams
Me too, I'm swimming in distant streams

I'm coming home babe

Last time I promised not to leave
We're entwined in the books of history
Those words I never thought I'd say
Are comin' out I'm trying to be brave

I'm coming home babe

That house was never ever safe
It's haunted and brought us to our graves
Ma and pa have got their daughter back
Same time I'm riding on these tracks

I'm coming home babe
Track Name: The Little Things
Well it’s the little things that make you whole
The crying that nobody shows
The kindness of a friend
A bleeding heart that mends
The sunshine when you’re standing in the cold

I left a trail for you to find
I been so hard, I been unkind
The moments are erasing
The sadness is fading
The home and all those ghosts are left behind

My father walks this land
I’m sure he understands
Memories they fade
The body drifts away
No time for sadness in the soul

Well he can tell you what he knows
It ain’t so bad to grow up old
The children are laughing
The time it is passing
Just sit on back until it’s time to go
Track Name: The Current
I was born by three pillars
And a handful of sand
I was old before we started
Young when we began
When I trekked thru that forest
To the clearing where you stood
You took off all my masks
And that first kiss was good

It feels right
Up high
In the air

We're laughing
And running
Our skin is bare

On the banks where we lived
The bodies they came
The strangers of our lives
All appeared insane
And for all those years that passed
We held off the flood
And that little kiss that we once shared
Turned into love

The water
Is rising
All the time

The currents
Are playing
With our minds

Do you remember it coming?
Turning round the bend
It shattered all our windows
Hallelujahs and amens
We kissed once more in the swirling sea and drowned upon the stage
And the author above
Turned over our page

It feels right
Up high
In the air

We're laughing
And running
Our skin is bare

The water
Is rising
All the time

The currents
Are playing
With our minds

Next time
Next life
Born again

The sunshine
And moonbeams
Born again
Track Name: Chanson #5
There's magic on the summertime
The trains are running through the sky
Let's hold hands and get to the point
Of love oh sweet love
In my imagination

Crazed are the people now
Leave them to their dust
No one knows where it will go
Blackened dreams, forgotten holes
I didn't want to be left
Alone alone
In my imagination

How slow the time it runs
Who drunk the night?
The dream is real as your name
You'll see it rise
As fire flies

Here is the child
Soiled and blue
Oh blind again
Hearing true
We're spinning
Tra La La

Une hirondelle ne fait pas le printemps
L'habit fait le moine
A bon chat bon rat
Petit à petit l'oiseau fait son nid
Pierre qui roule n'amasse pas mousse
Cœur qui soupire n'a pas ce qu'il désire.