Wiseman Beggar Yellow Hobo EP


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  • Wiseman Beggar Yellow Hobo EP

    Very limited edition 16 page Zine/4-track EP.

    Handmade by QD

    Tracks include:
    1. Oedipus Rex
    2. Virtual Reality Palace
    3. Song To A Woman
    4. DIY or DIE

    Zine Includes:
    Mystery seeds (For Spring)
    Your horoscope
    An ego testicle
    A space to deface
    The meaning of life

    The Zine is disposable, recyclable and edible.
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released September 7, 2015



all rights reserved


MOONLOVER Melbourne, Australia


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Track Name: Oedipus Rex
Distracted by a masturbating sloth
It sits in the corner and it can't get off
It thinks it's some kind of cosmic sasquatch
It wants to feel but it don't feel touch
It don't feel much

The pixels are jumping up into its eyes
An unreality builds his high-rise
It's a phantom itch, an impossible scab
It's monkey's brains, it's an unending trap
Watch out you never gonna get back now

He ain't got no personality
There's a bridge between what he says and what he means
He never talks to his mother of sex
But when he takes off his mask he must confess
It's Oedipus Rex!

He went to a boys school and learnt sex ed
And in 1990 came fast internet
He started off slowly on nipples and tits
Now he's drowning in torrents of megabits
Watch out you never gonna get back now

He's got a disappearing libido
A shrinking heart and flowers that don't ever grow
His mind is a Freudian complex
He's in denial and got no self-respect
It's Oedipus Rex!
Track Name: Virtual Reality Palace
I'm an actor but I'm working at the Universal Studios
I'm destined for greatness but really who the fuck knows
I'm a doctor in an alleyway with a kitchen knife and tongs
I'm a delusional musician with my lips wrapped round a bong

Oh what's out there?
Oh it's not fair.

I'm a painter and my pictures are made of circles and some sticks
I'm a priest and I get drunk and then I show off my crucifix
I wrote a song to change the world it's oh so controversial
But they stuffed up and it ended up in an ANZ commercial

Oh it's so virtual
Oh it's so hurtful.

I'm such a slob to get a job I spend my days on facebook
It's mi go reng and cigarettes for lunch just cos I can't cook
I'm a poet and I know it, I'm compiling my great oeuvre
In the night I write, in the daytime I'm a furniture remover

Oh it's so virtual
Oh it's so hurtful.

I'm throwing in my hat in to become the 29th Prime minister
First it's here then overseas to get office in Westminster
I'll rule the English speaking world but I may just be mistaken
My doctor says I got a problem with an overactive imagination

Oh it's so virtual
Oh it's so hurtful.
Track Name: Song To A woman
You are parading down bourke street with a cigarette and a lion
The trams are at a standstill, the madman has dropped his sign
The soapbox town crier he drops no words from his teeth
I've lost all consideration for the woman i am to meet

You are a permanent advertisement
You are designed to sell
With a broad target market
From highest heaven to lowest hell

Who on earth can stop you when nature is the beast?
And no man has a heart when he's grovelling at your feet

I'm not sure what I can offer but everybody's unique
Do you find yourself attracted to long winning streaks?
Take care of your manicure or else it'll give you away
The lonely man on the 33rd floor
He may be yours someday

Who wants a kitchenette, a subscription to The Age?
Who needs a furry kitten just to take centre stage?

The picture is a portrait inside of some man's head
At least your man is handsome
A screwdriver in bed

I wish I had the pleasure of becoming your greatest work
Friday night it's dinner and I've worn my greatest shirt
I'm slipping my big toe going up and down your calf
And out comes the Atlantic salmon
Your big toe on my shaft

Let's tip the waiter generously oh wouldn't that be nice
Let's return to our bedroom to go over things once or twice

Lady you are a miracle
A million of you I've met
A million more sit with their legs crossed
And no one's unlocked them yet
Track Name: DIY OR DIE
There's a man still breathin on the pavement
There's food in the ground
On a soap box theres a voice swimming
That the trucks and trains all drown

There's a sun hanging in the free world
That's the origin of self
And there's some form of government
That takes care of the common wealth

So here's to your freedom
Here's to your health
Your protectors are your enemies
Die or Do it yourself

They've got a magnet somewhere
That pulls upon the mind
It wiped away my wedding day
And left nothing behind

I pay to keep my money safe
Down in a deep dark vault
And when the market crashes
They say it's not their fault

There's ink upon the stairwell
Like corn inside its kernel
The seers they are collecting it
For future daily journals

I killed the man and paid the cost
I did it in stealth and fun
Now my face is a magazine
I'm everybody's favourite son

They wanted me in society
I was destined for the petrol store
I'm nothing and I don't mean a thing
I don't know what life's for

I read about some Greek gods
And I pray to the god of thunder
O release me from my retail hell
Return me to child of wonder

I got an education
From a syllabus that someone wrote
It's made of chains and shackles
And knives upon my throat

My sister she got married
And chased down that big old stead
It took just twenty years
For the dreams to die in her head

When ya find a piece of paper
Fluttering, meaningless, drab
Write to me a letter
Take the fate in your hands

The mysteries are flying
High above our heads
If we just knuckle down
Maybe we can figure them instead